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Sport Fishing Yellowfin Primero

The Yellowfin Primero yacht is well known for catching hundreds of Blue Marlin fish during its time in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria. There it was called the “Cavalier” and had a record catch of 58 blue marlin in just one summer. This boat fabricated from aluminium is 14 meters in length and perhaps due to its aluminium design and its powerful Detroit engines, it attracts the Marlin fish, which rises from the depths of the sea to eat in its wake. It is highly recommendable to go with this boat to the Gran Tarajal deep sea fishing championship and win one of its prizes.

The daily five-hour excursion, leaves from the port of Morro Jable and heads in the direction of the Punta de Jandía trolling for one hour. This is followed by three hours of deep-sea fishing at a distance of five nautical miles to the southwest of the island (in the area known as “the dirt spots”), in the Atlantic without the protection that the island provides, and subsequently returns trolling to the harbour of Morro Jable. During the return segment, with the fridge full of freshly caught fish, a picnic is served to restore one´s energy. Of course, drinks are available throughout the day include; soft drinks, beers and water.

If you would like you are welcome to take a fish home to enjoy with your family or friends. You also have the possibility to have it prepared it in the restaurant of the Fishermen’s Association (Cofradia) of Morro Jable.

The Yellowfin Primero yacht is also offered for private rental, for the exclusive use of you and your guests. You have the option to rent if for a normal fishing charter, (including trolling and deep-sea fishing), or for a fishing charter exclusively for Marlin, which is more expensive due to the higher consumption of fuel.

It is possible for you to reserve this boat to participate in one of the Canary Islands deep-sea fishing championships.

Transfer to and from your hotel, picnic and drinks are included in the price.

Fishing (5 Horas)

Adult: €97

Children: €

Companion: €75 (non-angler)


Private yacht rental (5 horas): €575

Private yacht rental for Marlin (5 horas): €600

Fishing Championship (3 days X 8 hours): €4000


Tel 2015 527

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