swimming with sea lions swimming with sea lions

Swimming with sea lions

Swimming with sea lions
Enjoy an unforgettable day in Caleta de Fuste on Fuerteventura. Here are living the two Californian sea lions sisters Debbie and Donna.

With their 16 years, they are the key players while swimming with our guests. New in the team is the only 1 year old African sea lion Nami. She will currently still trained and prepared to make therapies with disabled children – quite similar to the famous dolphin therapy.

All three sea lions were born in captivity. You have here, however, the fortune to live in the sea and do not have to spend their life in a pool.
Our coach Daniel, who has worked more than 20 years with the animals will convince you with his fun, humor and professionalism.
It is advisable to book this unique experience in advance, because especially in summertime, a lot of people like to enjoy this special attracion!

Swimming with sea lions description:
As a participant you get a wetsuit and a life jacket from us. While neoprene can be worn voluntarily, the life vest is necessary for your safety. Of course, you have enough time to change the clothes at rest in our facility.
Daniel & Dabbie are waiting for you at the quay wall of the port. The sea lion now is waiting for your pats. Thankfully you get a kiss from her.
Once in the water, you will get another kiss and Debbie jumps over you. Throughout the show, Debbie and Daniel proudly present you their deft skills.

– It is forbidden to take your underwater camera into the water
– Your companions may take pictures from outside
– The provider offers a professional photographer, who hold on your favorite moments
in high digital quality.
– If you purchased the photos commercially, they are sent via email directly to you
– Children under 6 years do not have the opportunity to swim with the sea lions – even if
accompanied by an adult!
– Children under 12 years only accompanied by an adult!
Children at the age of six years and childs at the age of twelve years are allowed to swim together without accompanied
Duration: 30 min aprox.
Price: 45€

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