Sport Fishing with the Albakora Cat

The Albakora Cat is a Catamaran whose overall length is 12 meters and a beam of 4 meters, it is fully equipped for all types of fishing. The boat is moored in the port of Caleta de Fuste which is the starting point for any activities rental or charter and hence transfers from the south are not available.

The Albakora cat´s speciality is taking part in fishing championships, in fact every year it has been participating in the major events, so it won´t be easy to reserve this boat for the championships. The Atlantic Ocean is full of fish, just waiting for your hook and this boat and it´s crew are a magnet for big Marlin, and lure them effortlessly to your hook.

Last year I had the good fortune to take part in the Gran Tarajal high-sea fishing championship with the Albakora Cat. We finished number two from a total of 75 boats, thanks to us hooking a large blue marlin and six whites, in just two days. The fish in these championships are returned to the sea, except for those who win for hooking the biggest fish have the option to keep it or put it back in the water.

Albakora cat

Sport fishing is a fantastic way to relax and an even better way to see the spectacular coast and waters of Fuerteventura. The daily fishing trip in search of a catch with this boat includes; trolling for one hour, deep sea-fishing for two and a half hours, and then again trolling on the return segment to the harbour. The price is inclusive of a drink and sandwich.

Twice a week the Albakora Cat has an outing in the evening to fish with live bait. At a depth of between one hundred to two hundred meters they fish with live mackerel in search of some amberjack, comb grouper, dusky grouper or some dentex. Another great attraction of this particular trip is that you can also try to jiggle (A jig consists of a lead sinker with a hook moulded into it and usually covered by a soft body to attract fish), this system is very popular among anglers.

Duration: 4 horas

Price per angler: €75

Price per child: €55


Private bookings for Marlin excursion – mornings (4 hours): €600

Private bookings for Marlin excursion – evenings (4 hours) : €450

Private charter rentals mean that the boat is for your own exclusive use, for you and yours, without any other clients on board. With this private excursion, you can choose the type of fishing you would like, jigging, spinning, bottom, Marlin, etc.



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